What Channel is OWN on Cox?

OWN on Cox: Among people who love to watch entertainment content, some people like to watch health and lifestyle programs. Are you one among those who wish to enjoy various lifestyle programs on your Streaming Service?

If so, OWN is the right channel that stands for Oprah Winfrey Network and it is an American multinational cable TV channel. Also, this channel is a joint venture between Warner Bros. Discovery and Harpo Studios which replaced the Discovery Health Channel.

Then, you know that Cox is a cable TV service provider offering various TV networks. This article is to look over the possibility of getting the OWN channel on Cox.

Does Cox Have OWN?

Yes, without any doubt, Cox has the OWN channel and you can find it on the channel lineup. If you still want to know the channel details, you can refer to the next portion of this write-up.

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What Channel is OWN on Cox?

As you know OWN is a television network dedicated to televising lifestyle content and is also known as Own Network. This channel especially focuses on females in general in addition to the African-American community.

In addition, the television personality, Oprah Winfrey spearheads this channel featuring entertainment, self-help, and lifestyle programs. The programming of this channel surrounds celebrities, self-awareness, therapy, spirituality, etc.

Some other programs on this channel include reruns of talk shows from Harpo Studios library such as the archived episodes of “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Then, you can enjoy a lot of scripted programming along with a lot of TV series.

Reading all these, you might have known that you can watch the OWN channel if your streaming service includes the channel. Accordingly, Cox includes this channel in its lineup making it easy for you to access the channel.

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To access the Own channel, you should have an active subscription to Cox that includes the Own channel. Still, you may find it to search for the channel without the exact channel number.

OWN on Cox
What Channel is OWN on Cox?

Yes, knowing the channel number will help you to directly tune into the channel and access its content. So, have a look at the channel number below that will let you watch OWN on your streaming service.

Streaming Service: Cox

Channel Name: OWN

Channel Number- 104

Although we have seen the channel number for the Own channel, it varies based on different regions. Hence, it will be better to check the exact channel number using the official website of Cox by entering your region.

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Wrapping Up

Hope you have got the relevant channel details to watch the channel OWN on Cox through this article. Keep in mind that you should have subscribed to the right package that offers the Own channel. Thus check the exact channel number on the official site accordingly if the above channel number does not work for your region.

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