How to Get Zeam App on Roku?

Zeam App on Roku: Have you come across a TV channel or streaming network with entertainment, news, and live shows in one place? If yes, some people like you are searching for such a platform that brings everything on one medium.

You might have heard of the Zeam app which is a new local entertainment app including ultimate live shows. This is an exclusive app that will keep you updated with the happenings around you along with some entertainment.

Overall, the Zeam app will be your better companion for streaming live news, on-demand news clips, and events. You can go through this article if you wish to get this app on your Roku device.

Does Roku Have the Zeam app?

Regrettably, Roku does not have the Zeam app as it is a new platform available on specific devices. However, we can try to access it on a bigger screen through your Roku device by the following procedure.

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How to Get Zeam App on Roku?

As per the unavailability, getting the Zeam app on your Roku device is not possible but we can access it in an alternative way. This new and free streaming app is only available on Android phones, Apple devices, Fire TV devices, and some Smart TV models.

We can expect the app on Roku devices but the app is not available currently. So, we shall use the screen mirroring method as an alternative way to access the Zeam app with the help of an Android phone.

Zeam App on Roku
How to Get Zeam App on Roku?

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Step 1:

Before anything, connect your Roku streaming device to your TV and be ready with the setup.

Step 2:

After that, make sure that your Roku device and your Android phone are connected to the same internet source.

Step 3:

Get into the home screen of your Roku TV using your Roku remote control and look for the Settings option from the menu.

Step 4:

Next, select the Settings option followed by the System Settings option on the next screen.

Step 5:

Correspondingly, choose the Screen Mirroring option and then select the Screen Mirroring Mode.

Step 6:

Further, choose the Prompt option from the screen mirroring mode and your Roku device will be ready for screen mirroring now.

Step 7:

Meanwhile, take your Smartphone and install the Zeam app using the Google Play Store.

Step 8:

After the installation, open the Zeam and sign up for it which needs no subscription.

Step 9:

Simultaneously, enable the screen mirroring option from the control panel of your phone.

Step 10:

Now, you can select your Roku-connected device name from the list of available devices for screen mirroring.

Step 11:

Finally, once your device is connected, the Zeam app video you play on your phone will be displayed on your Roku-connected TV.

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Hope, you are clear about the unavailability of the Zeam app on the Roku devices. Thus we can use this screen mirroring method to access the app from a compatible device. Similarly, you can access it using your iPhone using the AirPlay option on Roku.

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