How to Watch VRV on Roku?

VRV on Roku: No matter what our age is, we always like to watch animated movies and series. So, if you love to watch animation content, this article helps you to get your desired streaming service.

In that way, it seems like you wish to access VRV which is usually referred to as verve. Also, Crunchyroll, LLC owns this service with various programs like animation series, Sci-Fi movies, and continuations.

Also, you can get this VRV app on various streaming devices and Smart TVs. In this article, we are about to discuss the possibility of getting the app on your Roku device.

Can You Watch VRV on Roku?

Yes, undoubtedly, you can watch VRV on Roku as the respective app is available on the Channel Store. To learn more about the installation procedure, scroll down to the following section of this guide.

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How to Watch VRV on Roku?

As per the availability of the app, it is easy to install and watch the Verve app on Roku. However, only the newer Roku models alone support this app whereas the older models may not support it.

Also, an active subscription is required to access the app on any streaming device including Roku. So, you can go through the following steps to install the app and watch the content of Verve on Roku.

VRV on Roku
How to Watch VRV on Roku?

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Step 1:

As a first step, connect your Roku TV stick to your TV and do the setup process.

Step 2:

Next, you should move to the home screen of Roku with the help of your remote control.

Step 3:

From the home screen of your Roku TV, choose the Streaming Channels option from the menu.

Step 4:

After that, choose the Search Channels option from the next screen that will open the Roku Channel Store.

Step 5:

Click on the Search option in the Channel Store and enter the app name VRV to search for it.

Step 6:

From the Search suggestions, you can see the VRV app, click on it, and tap on the Add Channel button.

Step 7:

Once the installation is complete, open the VRV app and sign with your subscription details. Also, you can sign up for new and subscribe to VRV if you are not an existing user.

Step 8:

At last, you can search for your favorite anime series on VRV and watch it on your Roku device.

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On older Roku devices, you can use the screen mirroring method with the help of your Smartphone if the device does not support the app.

Winding Up

Seemingly, you have installed the VRV app on your device and started streaming its content on your Roku device after reading this guide. This is how you can make use of the article to install the app, sign up for it, and watch your favorite content with the above simple steps.

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